Allerlei leuke decoratie van leuke viervoeters.

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That’s what I do. Teckel

That’s what I do.  I read books I drink wine and I know things. Teckel  Metaalplaat. 20×30 cm  

Dachshund on Duty

Beware of the Dog. Dachshund on Duty Metalen decoratie plaat 20×30 cm

Stop Blaming Teckel

Stop Blaming your farts on me, it is not funny 15×35 cm metaalplaat

Once upon a time

Once upon a time  there was a girl who really loved a Shih Tzu that was me. 20×30 cm  

Those we love Teckel

Those we love do not go away, they walk beside us every day. Ruwharige teckel decoratie plaat metaal 30×20 cm

Jack Russel Puppy

Once upon a time I picked up a Jack Russel puppy and the rest is history decoratieplaat 20×30 cm